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Post by Th3-822 »

I'm not good at English, so i will try to keep this as short as i can, i am unable to keep working on RapidLeech.

During my 8 years working on plugins and then on RL core itself, i have seen lots of filelockers surging, getting repeatedly sued until they were forced to close, running away, getting raided, etc.
Almost every host with something new, interesting and sometimes even fun, that were keeping me working on their plugins, learning something new each one

But since ~20 months ago, i no longer have the enough time for working on plugins (i can barely work on personal projects), and with lots of hosts switching to reCAPTCHA2 it makes it impossible to add them to RL

hosts/download/rapidleech_com.php wrote:[07-OCT-10] Free download rewritten/fixed by Th3-822
Looking back, i am impressed on what that fix did to my life (i did never thought that i would end maintaining the whole script) and how i enjoyed working on it
It makes me sad losing some small changes that i never added to the script when my main hard drive got burned last month (a power and PSU failure burned the whole PCB), i couldn't even fix it with another compatible PCB

Now i will answer some questions:
  • Is RapidLeech dying?:
    I think so... Some of the main reasons are the hosts switching to reCAPTCHA2 (only solvable from the same IP as server or with proxy+app) and others banning dedicated servers ranges
    and there are lots of alternatives to downloading locally from filehosters and VPS are cheap too and can be used together...
    I hope to see on the future a good alternative to RL, that does add all the functionability that i couldn't add to RL, or even with a client app (maybe with electron) to allow solving RC2 CAPTCHAs
  • Will you fix X plugin?:
    I will only fix some of my plugins (barely), the ones that requires only easy fixes, so, i don't think that i would be fixing Mega_nz upload, possibly just download plugins like YT or the ones using GenericXFS_DL
(I may add some others later)

I really enjoyed working all this time on RL and all the stuff i learned while working on it, but now it's time to continue on my life...
Pastebin -> http://pastebin.com/u/Th3-822
Rapidleech @ GitHub: https://github.com/Th3-822/rapidleech

** I do not reply emails/dm for support, rapidleech (core) issues goes to GitHub, plugin issues/requests to the forum **
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Re: Leaving

Post by Tb-Rapidleecher »

That's sad to hear :( But I can understand.
Also, I think rapidleech's codebase is outdated making it hard to maintain.
with you leaving I think rapidleech is pretty much dead. though users can always contribute small plugins.

Anyways, thank you for all the hard work you have put on this project for so long.

Best wishes.
The Devil
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Re: Leaving

Post by The Devil »

Totally understandable.
I would like to thank you for all your time and effort put into the project all these years, you will be missed.
I also wish you all the best in the future.

Take care.
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