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Rapidleech Update - SVN430 Released

Posted: Thu Jan 01, 2015 5:37 pm
by Tb-Rapidleecher
Happy New Year Everyone !

Rapidleech Script Just Got Updated to SVN430 .

Here Is Some BugFixes and ChangeLog :

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[SECURITY] Fixed XSS on file's comments.
More strict .htaccess at /files/
[FIX] Issues at parsing link password in "link|pass" format.
Regexp in DownloadClass's reCAPTCHA function.
[CHANGE] Some changes in http headers.
Added 2 functions to DownloadClass for SolveMedia captchas.
Rewritten /class/cookie.php, for avoid rare cookie-related issues.
Added putfile() function in /class/http.php for uploading files with PUT
Revised upfile function.
Added Origin headers automatically on upfile() and putfile().
[PLUGINS] Deleted many non existing/working hosts.
Added some updated plugins.
Added GenericXFS_DL (alpha), plugins using it will come soon.
Update Your Rapidleech Script to Latest Version ! :)

Latest Rapidleech Can Be Found here

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Credit Of All this work Goes To

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